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High quality promotional gift colorful Ballpoint pen with LED Light

  • 2017-04-14 18:12:16

This plastic pen is a multi-function creatively plastic ballpoint pen with Led Light, it not only writing ,but also can be use as flashlight. Creative shaped, slim design ,light weight and easy to carry, easy fit into pocket or purse. Smooth writing, no leakage, no toxic, improve the writing speed. It also can printing customized logo in Plastic LED ballpoint pen. There are more colors available for choose: red, yellow, blue, green, orange… ect ; Ballpoint pen with LED Light, there are a manual buttons, you just gently press it , it can be bright light. With the Led Light Ballpoint Pen, you can work as torch for lighting in dark.

Ballpoint pen with led light’s design, suitable for student usage, which arouse their creativity.

And it also suitable for company promotion. Increasingly fierce competition in the market, more and more enterprises through advertising to increase brand awareness and enhance the corporate image. Light pen can be directly, vividly and lasting propaganda company , and little investment. When give it as gift to the target customers printed with the relevant promotional content ,is bound to leave a deep impression in the hearts of customers.

Ballpoint Pen With Led Light’s Design

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